How can I participate?

There are several ways to engage. First, you can engage with anyone online via Twitter and Instagram throughout the event. Second, you are welcome to organize local events or activities. This year we are trying out a more dynamic event by inviting guest bloggers and facilitating conversations between communities (more on that in the topic pages). Our intention is to support researchers, students, administrators, and other stakeholders in learning about effective data management practices and services to support responsible care of your own (and other people’s) data.

What does the Planning Committee do?

We develop the theme, content, graphics, and gather resources and stories to enable site coordinators to engage local data lovers. We interact with site coordinators and anyone else who is interested in participating primarily through social media, but it’s up to them whether their engagement stays on social media, branches out to in-person events, or does both. Our responsibilities are roughly described below.

  • Communication – respond to inquiries and tell great stories related to the 2018 theme, participants, etc.
  • Content – develop the theme, content, activities, & resources
  • Design – create graphics for online and print promotion
  • Promotion – reach out to librarians, students, researchers, archivists, IT pros, and other professionals and community members who may be responsible for or users of data
  • Website – post content to the new website, configure & monitor analytics to inform promotion efforts

Contact Us

Find the planning committee members on Twitter or email us at