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Stories and storytelling can be excellent teaching tools, in the classroom and out. Many of us use stories to illustrate what can go wrong without careful planning, but sharing the success stories is also a great way to empower researchers to adopt emerging tools and practices. We have gathered some of the best and most powerful stories that we know, but we want to hear your stories too! Check our activities for ways to share and engage in the conversation.

Data professionals share and discuss these kinds of stories almost daily. But the researchers we support and collaborate with may not be as tuned into this conversation. Conversely, data generalists like data librarians or subject librarians with data responsibilities, may not be aware of the very technical and advanced efforts in particular disciplines. If this interests you, be sure to check out our Connected Conversations topic! These stories about how data is produced, consumed (or ignored), and managed are powerful tools. They can help us illustrate needs, provide evidence to demonstrate how practice is changing, and spark productive discussions. Stories reflect the complexities of our culture and how we understand the world.


Coming after the holidays!


Let’s ease into the week. Share your favorite data stories with us! 

What? Write your own data stories or data poem. Tell us about your favorite data set or collection and why you love it (could be personal or professional reasons: research ambition, historic value, scientific/policy/social impact.)
How? Submit to our blog via Google Form or Tweet a thread with the hashtags #lovedata18 & #mydatastory

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Coming after the holidays!